Those white flakes falling off your head aren’t always dandruff

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  • Those tiny white flakes are not always dandruff but the effect of dry scalp
  • Dry scalp and dandruff, although these look very much alike, are two different conditions
  • Dry scalp occurs due to lack of moisture on your skin while dandruff is caused by too much oil on the scalp

Did you know that those white flakes on your head are not always dandruff?

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Sometimes those tiny white flakes are caused by a dry scalp, a report said. And although these tiny white flakes are very much similar to dandruff, they are totally two different things.

According to Healthline, with dry scalp, the skin gets irritated and flakes off while dandruff is caused by too much oil on the scalp. What causes dry scalp anyway?

Aside from your skin lacking moisture, dry scalp can be triggered with cold and dry air or it can be a reaction to products you apply to your hair, or older age. Not washing your hair enough can also cause dry scalp.

Dandruff, on the other hand, is often caused by an oily scalp. Experts also say that dandruff is triggered by stress. However, stress isn’t directly linked to dandruff but “it can make the flaking worse as stress triggers you to scratch your itchy scalp.”

By now, you already know the difference between dry scalp and dandruff. So, don’t worry, there are recommendations on how to treat both conditions.

Washing with a gentle shampoo and applying a conditioner to moisturize your scalp can prevent it from being dry. Remember the basics, if it’s dry, moisturize it.

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Washing your hair everyday with a gentle shampoo can also help in reducing oil on your scalp. Using an anti-dandruff shampoo might also help but make sure to rinse out all the shampoo.

By avoiding using hair products that contain harsh chemicals like bleach and alcohol can prevent both dry scalp and dandruff. Spending a few minutes under the sun everyday can also help in preventing both condition, experts say.