Dental braces: Knowing the best age to start

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  • Crooked teeth can cause real problems as these could drag down one’s confidence and self-esteem
  • Knowing the right age to start having dental braces can help you treat misalignment of your or your child’s teeth as early as possible
  • According to an expert, dental braces should be installed while the person is going through the puberty stage in order to follow the child’s physical growth

Dental braces are known for improving one’s smile. These are usually used to help a person gain confidence when communicating with others. But aside from that, we should never forget the real purpose of having them.

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Braces are installed in order to treat one’s bite, align crooked treat, and also guide children’s future permanent teeth. It is one way of making sure that your child’s teeth grow the right way and avoid unnecessary speech problems.

According to an expert, dental braces should be installed when children are starting to go through the puberty stage.

“There is a standard age when installing braces. For girls, they should be 11 years old while boys should be at 12 years old,” said Dr. Arleen Reyes, former president of Philippine Dental Association in her interview with DZMM’s program “Good Vibes.”

“It is done to follow the children’s growth period,” she added.

Dr. Reyes also emphasized that dental braces are not just pure aesthetics. They are used to fix a person’s bite and to improve the way they chew.

It is still recommended that you visit a dentist to help you know when to start. Only licensed professionals are allowed to install braces and advice you with the perfect time to do these corrective measures.

Image via Pixabay