Eating healthier foods can save the planet from climate change, scientists say

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  • A recent report revealed that if humans eat healthy, it can greatly help the planet from further destruction
  • Eating less meat and reducing food waste can lessen global emission and combat climate change
  • Experts suggest that eating plant-based foods might just save the planet

Eating healthier food is no longer just about you and your body. It has started to be a global environment concern.

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According to a report, United Nations scientists said “eating less meat and reducing food waste could slash global emissions and benefit our health and environment.” So, what does our eating habit have to do with climate change?

The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said that “balanced diets, featuring plant-based foods and animal-sourced food produced resilient, sustainable and low-[greenhouse gas] emission systems” can greatly help in combating climate change.

“We humans affect more than 70 percent of ice-free land, a quarter of this land is degraded. The way we produce food and what we eat contributes to the loss of natural ecosystems and declining biodiversity,” Valerie Masson-Delmonte, co-chair of the IPCC, reportedly said.

The World Wildlife Fund explained that food waste and meat consumption are big contributors to global warming. To make it clearer, it noted that “raising animals for food requires the production of feed and fertilizers that result in greenhouse gases — not to mention the methane that comes from cows. It also requires land to be cleared for cattle.”

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Sharon Palmer, a registered dietitian nutritionist, warned that “if the whole world, which continues to grow, eats more like us, the impacts are staggering, and the planet simply can’t withstand it.”

Palmer added that drastically reducing animal food intake and mostly eating plant foods is “one of the most powerful things you can do to reduce your impact on the planet over your lifetime.”

The latest report showed that plant-based foods may include those based on coarse grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. So, eating more of these foods can ease the impact that we contribute to the environment that may lead to its destruction.

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