How To Prepare Yourself From Quitting Your Long-term Job

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  • Resigning from your long-term job has to be done with a lot of preparations
  • A person who decided to quit from their longstanding job has to make sure that he or she is ready emotionally, mentally, and financially
  • It’s not just about saying goodbye to your workplace for years but also about moving on so you can perform better on your next one

No matter how many years you spend working in a company, there will come a time when you would think about quitting to find better opportunities.

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However, deciding to quit from your long-term job should not be done overnight. You have to make sure that you are ready to say goodbye wholeheartedly and also be prepared for what lies ahead when you finally end ties from your familiar workplace.

“Leaving your job is one of the most critical points in your career [as you’re trying] to build a solid reputation. You will be remembered by your departure,” said founder and CEO of WORKS Nicole Williams, in an article from Business News Daily.

Here are a few thing for you to remember before quitting your long-term job:

Have a plan and be prepared when things go wrong.

Before leaving your long-term job, make sure that you are prepared emotionally, mentally, and financially. Always try to think of the worst-case scenario and do not settle for just anything like in “bahala na.”

Help in the transition process.

Make sure to help in the transition processes so the next person taking over your job can also work efficiently. Part of the transition is training that person and endorsing important files and documents. Clean up your desk and hand over necessary devices and equipment to help him perform his tasks.

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Don’t forget to do the paper works.

Check with your Human Resource Department what needs to be done and completed. Aside from passing your resignation letter, ask if there are other requirements needed for you to get your 13th month pay, back pay, etc. You wouldn’t want to to miss out on things like those.

Leave your job peacefully.

It is necessary that you leave your job peacefully no matter what your reasons are for quitting. Besides, this will also help give you peace of mind and work better in the next phase of your career.

Indeed, there’s nothing better than a well-prepared exit.