Should you drink warm or cold water In the morning?

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  • Drinking cold water is best done in the morning, according to an expert
  • The usual practice of drinking cold water also known as cold thermogenesis increases metabolism
  • Taking in enough water, whatever the temperature is, has proven to have lots of benefits in our body

People have different ways to start their day. They have developed routines based on what they think is good for their bodies.

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Some people believe that drinking coffee in the morning helps them get more energy throughout the day. They think that hot water used to make coffee would boost their metabolism because of its temperature. How true is that?

But according to an expert, drinking cold water should be done in the morning if you want to lose calories faster.

In his interview with GMA’s program Pinoy MD, internist Dr. Rolando Balburias answered a question from a netizen about drinking cold or hot water in the morning. He explained why people should drink cold water in the morning and how it helps speed up metabolism.

“That’s what we call cold thermogenesis. Since you are breaking in your body, it will speed up your metabolism,” said Dr. Rolando Balburias during the interview.

Cold thermogenesis or the practice of taking in cold water helps if you want to lose weight. It increases metabolism as your body is forced to use some energy to heat it up back to body temperature.

Drinking cold water is also recommended for people who are working out. The body is able to absorb cold water immediately especially after exercising.

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But no matter what the temperature is, drinking enough water has proven to have lots of benefits. It is recommended that you drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to keep your body hydrated and energized.