Silica gels – that tiny packet inside your new bag or shoes – actually have a huge purpose

Image via Pixabay
  • Silica gels, which is often ignored and thrown away, turned out to be so useful
  • It actually prolongs the “life” of bags and shoes
  • It can also be a great help in maintaining the glimmer of your jewelries

Silica gels or the little pack bearing a “hazardous” warning that usually comes with your new bag or shoes often end up in the trash without further serving its purpose.

Image via Pixabay

Yes, contrary to what we know, it actually comes with the new item because it is meant to be there and it obviously has a purpose. According to a report, the tiny packet that seems to contain beads inside prolong the “life” of the item.

It keeps excess moisture from ruining the material of the bags or shoes, especially those made of leathers, when kept in a closet, the report added. “Moisture is what causes unused suede or leather bags to be prone to discoloration and to grow pesky molds,” it said.

Silica gels can also absorb and help control humidity in the air and best works in confined spaces. So it is recommended to keep the silica gel packet inside the bag and the footwear inside its original box when storing them in a closet.

Aside from keeping bags and shoes from being ruined easily, silica gels are also an effective substance to keep jewelry from tarnishing. It is usually used in jewelry to keep them away from moisture, which is the common culprit of tarnished jewelry.

Image via Pixabay

You can store your accessories in a box or ziplock bag with a silica gel packet inside. “This will prevent silver jewelry, in particular, from losing its luster or becoming tarnished,” the report informed.

So, the next time you get your new bags or shoes, let that tiny pack stay in there because it’s very useful than we ever thought.