Expert says middle children are more likely to establish better relationships

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  • Middle children are most of the time tagged as rebellious and problematic since there is a high chance for them to feel ignored
  • Yet, experts believe that middle kids possess unique potentials in establishing better relationships
  • They are more likely to end up finding better partners because of their sense of independence and how they value relationships with other people
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Some people think that middle children only cause problems and huge headache to their parents or family members. This could be because they have a high chance of feeling ignored while growing up.

But according to an expert, there are also unique potentials that middle children possess. They are more likely to establish better relationships and make great partners because of their ability to compromise and think about other people’s feelings.

“There are some hidden benefits to not focusing so much attention and concern and effort, and putting so much pressure on each child,” said Dr. Catherine Salmon, a Psychology professor at the University of Redlands in California.

She added, “And that is one of the hidden benefits that middle children get because they do have this sense of independence and they think outside the box a little bit more.”

Dr. Salmon is the co-author of the book The Secret Power of the Middle Children which says that middle kids are more open to try new things and explore on their own.

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Although middle children are subject to stereotyping, experts believe that they are good negotiators and think not only for themselves. They learned how to be patient and able to see all sides of the situation.

They also value relationship with other people; that’s why they are “more likely to compromise rather than argue over disagreements,” according to Female Network.

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