How much homework must be given to students everyday?

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  • Excessive homework, studies argue, may not be good for learners and even their parents
  • Experts suggest that the standard time students must deal with homework must only be 10 minutes every day
  • Excessive homework on high school students can cause lack of balance in their lives and physical health problems

Doing homework has been a constant part of being a student. We’ve done it all — from having to deal with simple assignments in grade school to heavy readings and paper works in college.

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At times, it seems unbearable but we learned to accept that it’s part of the process. However, several studies have been pointing out that too much homework may not be good for students after all.

A report said that excessive homework can cause negative health effects to children and even to their parents. It argued that, according to research, when students are pushed to handle a workload that for them are too much already, it can lead to being restless, including their parents as young learners tend to seek help from their parents or guardians in accomplishing take home works.

It was suggested by researchers that children must only have a standard of 10 minutes of homework for first grade and an additional of 10 minutes per grade level. So by the time the kids are in high school, they must only be working with homework within two hours.

In a CNN report, Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman, a clinical director of the New England Center for Pediatric Psychology, said that doing homework beyond the standard time may affect the children’s grades in school. “But there’s really a plethora of evidence that it’s detrimental to their attitude about school, their grades, their self-confidence, their social skills and their quality of life,” she said.

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Another study showed that excessive homework in high school students can cause lack of balance in their lives and physical health problems, including sleep deprivation and weight loss.

Too much homework given to learners may also affect their parents, especially those who did not finish school. It may affect their confidence as parents due to the inability to help in their child’s take home assignment. It would probably create a negative mood in the household.

“Undereducated parents really believe that their children are supposed to be able to do (the homework), therefore, their children must be doing something else during school instead of focusing on their studies. So the parents argue with the kids, the kids feel defeated and dumb and angry, very angry, and the parents are fighting with each other. It’s absolutely a recipe for disaster,” said Donald-Pressman.

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Experts suggest that parents can talk with their children about when and how to get their homework done because some kids want to get it done right after school, some don’t. Let them feel heard, experts recommended.