How to make time for bonding with kids during school days amid busy schedule

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  • It is important to squeeze in time to bond with your kids even through simple ways amid a busy schedule 
  • These simple ways may turn into instant bonding moments that will most likely help your children be better in school
  • Efforts to be with them don’t have to be perfect, it only needs to be as regular as possible

Making time for bonding with the kids during the school year is always a challenge for parents as the kids tend to give their full attention to school works, but no matter how challenging it may be, make sure to “squeeze in” time to be with them as part of responsible and happy parenting.

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There are simple ways to do this, according to a report and it doesn’t have to be complicated, because all you need to do is make it as regular as possible.

Join them in doing homeworks

The report recommends to join the kids in doing school work activities like solving simple equations or doing fun activity books. Engage them into conversation about their favorite school activities or subjects. This way, you get to spend time with them while knowing them better.

Accompany them in doing projects

You can also join them as they shop for their school projects, which can also be an instant bonding time with them as you go to different stores for their school needs. The report also suggested to personalize their school stuff like name tags “to show and remind them during class that you will always be there waiting for them after school.”

Prepare snack for them

No matter how busy you get as a working parent, try to squeeze in time and be as consistent as possible to prepare food for the kids. You can also get the groceries together and involve them in planning for the menu.

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According to another parenting story, when parents participate in their children’s activities, it “builds a positive sense of self-worth” for the kids.

“When children feel that they are valued by their parents, they feel more positive about themselves,” the report noted; adding that family time does not need to be expensive or perfect Rather, it just has to be meaningful.

It was also noted that spending time with the kids can help them in their academic performance. “If your child feels comfortable coming to you with schoolwork, they are more likely to perform better academically.” And that would delight us if they do, right? So make sure to squeeze in quality time with your little treasures.