Is ‘falling in love’ at first sight really possible?

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  • Some people do believe that it is possible to fall in love at first sight
  • However, a new study has proven that “love at first sight” is most of the time brought by a strong initial physical attraction or lust
  • Deep love, on the other hand, may begin to exist when people start to create memories together and once they successfully establish connection with regards to their relationship
Image via Pixabay

Is there really such a feeling of “falling in love” at first sight? Can people instantly know that they are going to end up with the love of their life the first time they met?

Some people believe in the existence of “love at first sight.” Nothing could be even more romantic than knowing that the person you share memories with has started to love you since the first time you met.

But according to a new study, “love at first” is merely brought by “a strong initial attraction” and “marked by high passion.”

This study entitled “What kind of love is love at first sight? An empirical investigation” has been published in the Journal of the International Association for Relationship Research last November 2017.

The study revolved around 200 Dutch and German students in their mid-20s. They were monitored in a series of dating encounters and were asked to answer surveys about their feelings towards their romantic partner in each encounter.

The researchers recorded the participants’ answer on what degree they found their counterpart physically attractive. They have also measured “love components” using “intimacy,” “commitment,” and “passion.”

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After analyzing all data, researchers found out that physical attraction comes first in almost every initial encounter of two individuals. Also, key love components such as “commitment” and “intimacy” were missing during this romantic pairing.

Although “love at first sight” isn’t just love yet, experts believe that a strong bond during the first meeting can still lead to a much deeper love. There is also a chance that this feeling can last long for some people.