Some parents resort to garlic, mayonnaise to rid their children of head lice but are these really effective?

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  • According to a study, parents turn to home remedies like applying garlic, mayonnaise, or lavender oil onto their kids’ head in an attempt to get rid of head lice
  • Experts explained that these remedies might not be effective after all
  • A head lice expert recommended one way to rid the head lice, which remains reliable up to this day

Head lice is probably among the annoying things parents had to deal with especially with their young children.

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Most parents have resorted to many treatments over generations, mostly through conventional methods, but this time, a research revealed that desperation to get rid of head lice led them to using home remedies such as garlic, mayonnaise, and lavender oil.

A report said of the 1000 parents asked about how they get rid of their children’s head lice, a number of them, although very little, had appeared to have resorted to remedies that are worth pondering over, according to a survey conducted by Hedrin, a head lice treatment provider.

While a large number of parents do not have an idea how to solve this common problem, three percent of them bared using garlic oil to treat their child’s nits while one in 50 people even tried applying mayonnaise onto their son’s or daughter’s head in a bid to get rid of these literally and figuratively irritating creatures.

The study also bared that one in 25 parents used hair straighteners in an attempt to burn the lice while some have resorted to cutting or shaving their kid’s hair to totally rid their head of lice.

However, a head lice expert named Ian Burgess pointed out that these do-it-yourself (DIY) remedies might not be serving their supposed purpose. “The desperation to rid their children of lice in the quickest way possible may result in them trying ‘old wives’ tales’, such as covering the head in mayonnaise or tea tree oil shampoo, but there is no evidence they are effective in eradicating head lice,” he said in a report.

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For another expert Shamir Patel, wet combing remains to be among the best ways to get rid of head lice; saying, “The only DIY treatment I would recommend is conditioner and wet combing.”

He recommended to apply plenty of any type of hair conditioner to dry hair and comb it to remove lice and its eggs.