What happens when you apply calamansi on underarms

Image via Pixabay
  • Calamansi has become a home remedy to lighten some dark spots in the body
  • However, experts believe that this natural ingredient can create additional problems because it has a high acidity level
  • It may cause burn and make skin even darker especially when applied in thinner areas such as the underarms
Image via Pixabay

Some people can really become so conscious about the color of their skin especially when they start to compare themselves to others. Sometimes, even the hidden areas of their body triggers insecurity and makes themselves feel less confident.

You must have heard already that a lot of people use calamansi to lighten dark areas in the body. This natural ingredient is known to be useful as a whitening ingredient especially when applied to the dark areas such as the knees and elbows.

But for underarms, experts do not recommend calamansi or any fruits that contain high acidity level. They may just cause additional problems to these areas especially when applied for a long period of time.

“Calamansi is an acid and it can whiten in some people like, if you have marks on your legs,” according to skin expert Dr. Vicki Belo in her Instagram video posted on June 21.

“But sometimes, it makes it even darker. Most of the time, it makes it darker ’cause it’s an acid that burns your skin,” she added.

“And as you know, the skin in the armpits is really really thin, and if you put calamansi there and leave it on, most probably, it will burn your skin and make it darker.”

Image via @victoria_belo | Instagram

She also explained that some areas could still tolerate the acidity level of calamansi. It can still be applied on thick skin areas like elbows and knees to help them whiten a bit.

Although calamansi has proven to be effective for some, others may still experience irritation and itchiness depending on their skin type.

People are highly advised to stop using them once they experience unpleasing skin reaction such as redness and stinging pain.