Is lemon juice really effective in relieving cough and colds?

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  • Lemon juice is proven to be an effective and helpful remedy for cough and colds
  • However, an expert warned that too much consumption of lemon juice might worsen the condition than relieve it
  • It was explained that while it is rich with Vitamin C, it is also rich in histamines

It’s the season of contagious cough and colds again. The season when the dreaded viral condition jumps from one person in the office, in class, or at home to another is here anew.

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By this time, we pretty know how to handle this. Aside from taking medicines, we often rely on home remedies such as taking a shower right away when drenched with rain, or avoiding cold drinks, wearing protective mask, and the most popular one — drinking calamansi or lemon juice.

In these “trying times” when we need to focus with work or studies yet our body refrains us from doing so, we resort to the proven and tested reliable measure. Squeezing a handful of calamansi or a whole lemon into a glass of warm water, sometimes with honey, for a soothing drink always do the trick.

However, an expert recently warned that drinking too much lemon juice to relieve cough and colds might only worsen the condition. He explained why.

In a television interview, Dr. Rolando Balburias said that while lemon juice is rich in vitamin C that is good for the body’s immune system, it is also high in histamines that can cause dry throat.

“Well, lemon is rich in Vitamin C but it is also rich in histamines. In fact, because it’s too acidic, it can cause dry throat that will further irritate the throat and the coughing might worsen,” Balburias explained.

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He underscored that lemon is a good source of Vitamin C, especially when the body’s immune system is low “but the intake must not be too much.” Cough, he reminded, can be a symptom of either a viral or bacterial infection that needs to be brought to the attention of a doctor.