Some random but amazing use of salt

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  • Aside from cooking, salt can be very useful in many more ways
  • A chemist bared that salt can be used in cleaning a chopping board or used to lessen the bitterness of coffee
  • It is also a good source of antimicrobial properties that makes it a good alternative for toothpaste

If we think that salt is the most essential seasoning in the world then we might as well recognize that it is actually essential for life in general.

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Because salt, as we know it, is not only useful in cooking but also in other random things. A chemist, through a report on ABS-CBN, recently highlighted some use of salt that you probably did not know before. Well, I didn’t!

One of the most popular use of salt, aside from cooking, is its effectiveness as an anti-bacterial remedy. It is usually mixed in warm water for an early-morning gargle to relieve an irritated throat. But that’s not all. There’s actually more.

According to Erick Christian Gonzales, a chemist, salt can be used in cleaning a chopping board. The dreaded problem on that lingering dirt on your chopping board can be solved by salt. All you have to do is to sprinkle salt and squeeze in some calamansi on the chopping board before brushing the stain off.

It can also lessen the bitterness of coffee. Gonzales said a pinch of salt can do the trick.

The chemist also revealed that instead of splashing water to put out the flame on a heated frying pan with oil, throwing a good amount of salt in it is a better idea than using water as it can trigger the heated oil to splatter.

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Another amazing thing about salt, according to Gonzales, is its ability to make water reach boiling point faster. Putting salt in the water will increase its boiling point elevation, the chemist explained.

Salt mixed in hot water can also be used to reduce under-eye puffiness, according to another report. Soak a washcloth or cotton balls in the solution and apply to the puffy areas under your eyes.

It can also be used as an alternative for toothpaste. All you have to do is to pulverize sea salt and mixed it with an equal amount of baking soda before storing it in a jar. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, salt and baking soda have antimicrobial properties that can prevent cavities.