Signs that your boss is just stressing you out

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  • A bad boss can create a negative impact in your career and even in your personal life
  • It is important that you know the signs, especially when your boss is becoming the source of your stress at work
  • There are also some ways for you to handle a terrible boss and to lessen the stress that they bring into you life
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Not everyone is lucky enough to meet a nice and understanding superior at work. It is better that you know if your boss gives you reason to think of negative ideas at work and how to lessen the stress he is bringing into your professional and personal life.

Here are some signs that your boss is just too difficult to deal with and some ways that you can take so you can still professionally deal with a bad boss.

Your boss blames you for your mistakes but rarely credit you for hardwork and accomplishments.

Bosses should give their employees a chance to learn by clearly explaining to them what happened wrongly and what they should do next time they encounter the same problem.

As an employee, there is nothing wrong with saying sorry. Never ever argue with your boss in public. Remember, it is better that you talk this over and be open to learn from your superior, just never in public.

Your boss is a ‘control freak.’

Your boss’ micromanaging style may irritate you. If this happens, it is better to give him the details he needs before he asks you do it. This may give your boss a peace of mind and will leave you alone, just like what you wanted.

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Your boss doesn’t take your suggestions seriously and only focuses on his wants.

If you encounter this situation, then you should try to find a common ground with your boss. Ask him the reason for his choices and you can try to compromise from there. Also, make him feel that you are sincere and give him reasons to listen to your suggestions.

It is necessary that you know how much you can tolerate to be with a bad boss. After all, it is you who will decide whether you will let him hurt you more or just leave for the better.