Dates, anyone? Amazing health benefits of eating dates

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  • Dates have been proven to have healing properties that can improve our health
  • If we want a better metabolism, improve digestion or maintain our weight, add dates to our diet
  • They are also good for bone health and building up muscles 

Dates, anyone?

This fruit called dates, or Phoenix dactylifera, are the sweet fruits of palm trees, and are found mostly in the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. .  Its name originated from the Greek word daktulos, which Medical News Today said means fingers.

Dates have been with us for a long time now but only a few are actually aware that they are known for their healing powers. They have been proven to improve certain medical conditions.

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Including dates in our diet will have a positive effect on our health like improving our metabolism. Why? It’s because they are packed with a lot of nutrients so it is to our advantage to eat these health-giving fruits.

  • Improves digestion – We can consume dates regularly if we are experiencing constipation. These fibre-rich fruits will improve our digestion and prevent constipation.
  • Rich in iron – This fruit is rich in iron which helps to improve anemia that is quite common among children and pregnant women. It is recommended that we consume at least 100 grams of dates every day to get the benefits to our body.
  • Lowers cholesterol – If we want to regulate our cholesterol level, we have to make sure to add dates to our diet. The fruit is cholesterol-free and helps in cleansing the bl0od vessels, thereby keeping blood cl0ts from occurring.
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  • Aids in weight loss – Dates may aid us if we want to lose some pounds but they may also lead to weight gain if we don’t consume them in limited quantities. Style Craze disclosed that around 4-6 dates daily could satiate our sweet tooth, keep our hunger pangs at bay, or add nutrition and taste to our food.
  • Rich in protein – To strengthen our muscles, we should include dates in our diet. The fruit is loaded with protein that helps in muscle build-up. Why not try consuming dates regularly if you work out?
  • Improves bone health – These fruits are rich in manganese, copper, selenium and magnesium. Consuming dates can alleviate the risk of developing osteop0rosis.

Let’s make eating dates part of our diet. We will be happy to see and feel the health benefits that the fruits will give us.

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