Family clinic in US has resident therapy cats; allows patients to play video games

Image by Dr. William Powers - Powers Family Medicine via Facebook
  • After going through difficult times, a doctor in Michigan decided to establish a family clinic that has therapy cats and an arcade
  • Patients are allowed to play games in a customized arcade machine
  • For only six months since its opening, the clinic already has 1,000 clients

A doctor in the United States has turned his doubters into believers after successfully establishing and sustaining a family clinic that has video games and resident therapy cats in it.

Image by Dr. William Powers – Powers Family Medicine via Facebook

Six months ago, Dr. William Powers and his wife opened the Powers Family Medicine in Michigan; a year after they lost their house and cats to an unfortunate event. And since then, patients have kept coming. Just within half a year, they have gained 1,000 clients.

But their success was hard-earned even from the very beginning due to lack of support from colleagues who said that he would probably fail. For someone who had to recover from such a loss, Dr. Powers became more determined to start anew and just continue being happy.

“So, I decided to start my own family practice clinic, Powers Family Medicine. I decided to theme the practice around me and my interests, which are mostly cats and video games,” Powers shared in a report.

Image by Dr. William Powers – Powers Family Medicine via Facebook

Despite the doubts from his colleagues, he decided to proceed with his plan.

“I decided to proceed anyway, and rented a small office space near the ruins of my old home (which is currently being rebuilt). We have been wildly successful, and are currently the no. 1 patient-rated family practice in our state,” the doctor said.

Dr. Powers’ family clinic gives its patients a different experience as a full-sized custom arcade machine greets you as soon as you enter the lobby of the clinic. Patients on queue are free to play in it. The cats, on the other hand, have free reign in the office except in the sterile zones. But they are safe to pet, Dr. Williams said, as the cats are fully-vaccinated and free of zoonotic infections.

Image by Dr. William Powers – Powers Family Medicine via Facebook

“At our clinic, you check in using your initials only. You are then assigned an Amiibo (the name is printed on the bottom if you don’t know the character). Then, when it’s your turn to be called back, my MA will say ‘Pikachu!’ and you come back to the exam room. This way, no matter who is in the lobby at the same time as you, your privacy is maximally preserved,” the doctor revealed.

“Our clinic is special in that it welcomes truly everyone. We are friendly and cater to the LGBT population. We also have some middle-class families in the mix too, all are welcome and treated with respect! In short, we don’t care what anyone else thinks, just tell us the truth and we will help keep you safe and healthy,” Dr. Powers concluded.

This is truly admirable, Doc!