Do you know how often you should wash your reusable water bottles?

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  • A study bared that water bottles would end up containing hundreds of thousands of bacteria if not properly cleaned
  • Experts recommend washing it regularly and thoroughly
  • Even though it only contained water, it should still be washed regularly

Now that you have committed to bringing a water bottle wherever you go because of two things — to hydrate while saving Mother Earth, let’s talk about its cleanliness.

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How often are you supposed to clean your reusable water bottles?

In a Filipino household, it’s safe to say that dishes, including water bottles, are washed regularly, which means every single day. A Filipino student or a worker is most likely to bring home his water bottle at home everyday to wash and refill it for the next day.

But for some special cases like the water bottles being left in the desk drawer or inside the locker, it’s important to note that these must be washed before germs find haven in them.

However, if it’s only water stored inside the bottle, should it be cleaned as regular as possible?

Experts say yes, it must be washed every single day or thoroughly “once a week with hot, soapy water” even if it only contained water. But why?

It is because your water bottle could carry hundreds of thousands of bacteria if not properly cleaned.

A report cited a study by the Langone Medical Center which discovered that there are more than 300,000 colony-forming units per square centimeter in some of the 12 bottles subjected to swabbing.

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This discovery calls for a regular scrubbing of both the inside and outside of the bottles, Dr. Philip Tierno, a clinical professor of pathology and microbiology at the NYU Langone Medical Center, said.

“Bacteria tend to form a biofilm on the inside of the reusable container over time. So, you need mechanical action to get rid of that biofilm that coats the inside of the bottle,” Tierno said while explaining that the accumulated bacteria in the bottle can be compared to the “accumulation of barnacles on a boat or the soap grime that builds up on a bathtub.”

It is also further recommended to use bottle brush in washing the inside of the container. So, whether it’s only water or juice, or coffee stored in your reusable bottle, it is imperative to clean it regularly and as thoroughly as possible.

And as you try to hydrate and save Mother Earth, please spare yourself the risks of drinking from an unclean water bottle. Commit to washing it regularly as much as you commit to being sustainable.

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