Why do people go through hair loss over time?

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  • Reports showed that hair loss could happen to most people
  • It is inevitable because of certain reasons like genes, hormones, and treatment
  • Reports also said that many women will not go truly bald unlike many men

While hair loss is an inevitable stage of a lifetime, many of us still dread it.

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It is because we treat our hair as our “crowning glory” and losing it could also mean losing our self-esteem. But what could exactly be the reason why many people lose their hair as they age?

According to a report, “accumulated DNA damage” could be the culprit. It said that a study showed that when hair follicles shrink, “the hair become shorter, thinner, and sparser.” This is when balding happens.

The study conducted by Hiroyuki Matsumura from the Tokyo Medical ans Dental University and his colleagues bared that without collagen, which is needed by stem cells to stay healthy, hair follicles shrink. This could result to less hair growth.

Another report cited the male or female pattern baldness as among the reasons behind losing hair as people age. According to Windie Hayano, a dermatologist, it is associated with hormones and genes.

Male pattern baldness or adrogenetic alopecia, according to an ABC News report, is the most common type of baldness that affects about “half of all men by the age of 50 and more than 80 percent by the age of 70.” It begins at the sides of the head, above the temples and at a patch on the crown. From there, it would eventually spread.

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The female pattern hair loss, on the other hand, “is less common than in men” but it is identified as the “most common cause of hair loss in women.”

However, unlike men, women’s hair tend “to thin over the top of the scalp rather than result in a patch of baldness,” Michael Freeman, a dermatologist and a professor of Bond University, said.

“Often in females it will affect 50 percent of their hair, so many women will not go truly bald, but their hair can get so perilously thin that it can become a big problem for them,” AFreeman said in a report.

It was also mentioned that excessive hair styling like straightening or blow drying, including treatments like bleaching could also be the reason behind hair loss. Hormonal imbalance can also cause hair loss, the report said.

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