Things you can do to prevent feeling sad when Sunday ends and the dreaded Monday comes

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  • A study has proven that Sunday blues is real and that a lot of people are actually experiencing it
  • Job expectations and workload are blamed over this melancholy Sunday feels
  • Experts recommend some simple ways to counter this kind of sadness

One moment you’re laughing at a scene from the TV show your family loves to watch on Sunday night while cramped up in the living room shortly after dinner. The next moment, you’re fretting because in a few hours the night would be over which only means that another work or school week would begin.

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No matter how precious the weekend was, it will still come to an end and it never fails to leave a longing and a somewhat scary feeling you couldn’t get over with every single week. But it’s not just you. It’s the same thing with your other colleagues, classmates, and even some of your family members.

It could also be the same to a lot of people globally as recent research showed that 81 percent of the more than 1,000 people asked feel anxious as their precious and chill Sunday comes to an end.

According to a report, it is called by psychologists as an “anticipatory anxiety.” It was found in the study that respondents mostly feel the Sunday blues in the evening and named Monday as the “most dreaded” day of the week. “Job expectations and workload” are blamed over this.

Experts say there are some easy ways to counter “Sunday blues.” They suggest that one way to counter it is to do things that may boost endorphins or the body’s natural pain reliever.

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Take time to enjoy nature

A simple walk in a park shaded with trees can help you relax and could prevent you from feeling anxious about the next work week or school days. Studies have also stated that taking some precious time with nature everyday is good for your mental health.

Jog or exercise

It has been emphasized many times that exercise can boost your mood and can even help you achieve a good night’s sleep when you’re dealing with sleepless Sunday nights. A report noted that “five minutes of aerobic exercise can reduce anxiety.”

Avoid binge drinking

Booze, according to experts, can lead to more negative emotions and can even disrupt your sleep that would result to not feeling restored the next day.

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Try to avoid work-related things

The National Sleep Foundation recommends taking away your gadgets from you on Sundays, particularly before and during sleep to avoid being disturbed when getting your much-deserved rest or sleep.

Write about your worries

Writing down the things that you worry about or the tasks that are waiting for you at the start of the week is one way to overcome anticipatory anxiety, experts say. That way you would know what to prioritize.

Aren’t these tips simple? We can all try the suggestions s above to have a much better Sunday night feels. Goodluck, everyone!