Want to avoid feeling ‘sabaw’? Take some bone broth, here’s why

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  • What the elders say turns out to be true as bone broth, based on reports, is very beneficial
  • Aside from it being highly nutritious, it is also a reliable healing food
  • It can also support weight loss and improve sleep

For some of us, a sumptuous meal is not complete without a bowl of “sabaw” or soup; maybe because of the constant reminders from the elders that soup or broth, especially bone broth, is good for our body. It is even the go-to dish when we don’t feel well.

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But there’s this Filipino expression that when you’re already feeling “sabaw” that means you could no longer muster sufficient content for whatever task you are doing at the moment. It’s because we associate broth to something that has no content — just merely a liquid with a flavor of either vegetable or meat.

However, the benefits one can get from a simple bone broth counter the famed expression among Filipinos. Here are some of the good reasons why “sabaw” won’t actually make you feel “sabaw.”

It is nutritious

Of course, first on the list is because it’s highly nutritious like what the elders tell us. According to a report, bone broth is rich in vitamins and nutrients including calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. It was also noted that tissues and bones contain collagen that turns into gelatin that provides the body with amino acids of the building blocks of proteins.

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It can protect the joints

According to a 2017 review, the collagen that it produces may help protect the joints from wearing down due to continual use. It can also help in improving knee joint symptoms such as stiffness and poorer physical function.

It may heal the gut

The report also said that bone broth contains some amino acids that are helpful for digestion. Another report cited Jill Grunewald, a nutrition coach, saying that the gelatin found in bone broth can help “seal up holes in intestines.

It can help in losing weight

Because it is a good source of protein, which helps the body feel full fuller for a longer period without taking in large amount of calories, bone broth is seen to support weight loss.

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Bone broth can also aid sleep

It was also reported that the amino acid glycine found in bone broth “is a safe therapeutic option to improve sleep in some people.

So many reasons to enjoy bone broth!