Too many tasks? Here’s how you can master the art of time management

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  • Time management can be challenging for some but anyone can be good at it with the help of constant practice
  • There are several strategies that people can do in order to fulfill necessary tasks within a limited span of time
  • According to a management consultant, it is important to list down daily tasks so it would be easier to identify which needs to be completed immediately

Imagine a situation wherein you have to complete several tasks within a very limited time. Sounds challenging, right? This scenario of having ‘too many things to do’  can make someone feel overwhelmed to the point that he or she ends up doing nothing.

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In order to prevent that, an expert shared several ways to master the art of time management — which we think are worth pondering over.

In her interview with DZMM Teleradyo, management consultant Giselle Barion, said there is always a way to lessen the burden of completing several tasks in a given short period of time. One of her examples is a strategy discussed in the book entitled 7 Habits of Highly-Effective People which was written by Stephen Covey.

According to her, it is important to list down daily tasks so it would be easier to identify which of those needs to be prioritized. She said it helps to divide the chores into four quadrants, where the first quadrant includes the most urgent tasks to accomplish while the second quadrant should contain important tasks that do not require immediate attention.

“‘Yung email ng boss mo kailangan attend-an mo kaagad iyon eh,” said Barrion as an example of tasks that should be in the first quadrant.

Meanwhile, the third quadrant should consists of urgent tasks that are less relevant. The fourth quadrant, on the other hand, must include matters that are less urgent and has less importance.

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Finally, Barrion said that it is important to prioritize and complete the chores listed in the second quarter as much as possible. This way, tasks with high importance would not end up in the first quarter.

Truly worth a try organizing our tasks everyday!

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