Listening to music may help reduce driving stress, study says

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  • Listening to music while driving may help reduce stress
  • According to experts, music reduces heart rate which helps drivers avoid cardiovascular problems and heart attack whenever they are on the wheels
  • They recommended drivers to do this practice to keep their heart calm particularly during rush hours or when drivers get stuck in traffic
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Driving can get really stressful, especially for inexperienced drivers. It is possible that this feeling may even lead to cardiovascular problems or heart attack, especially if it happens more frequently. To prevent this from happening, experts recommend a simple solution — to listen to music while driving.

According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of São Paulo, the Oxford Brookes University, and the University of Parma, listening to the right music reduces heart rate which is beneficial for drivers during rush hours and whenever they get stuck in heavy traffic.

This prevents their emotions from taking over their heart and blood pressure which may even further lead to any unwanted incident.

“We found that cardiac stress in the participants in our experiment was reduced by listening to music while they were driving,” according to principal investigator Prof. Vitor Engrácia Valenti.

For their study, researchers have asked five women aged between 18 and 23 to participate in two different experiments.

The participants, who were all in good health and were also driving once or twice a week, had to drive for 20 minutes on a 3 kilometer route during rush hour without playing any music. For the second part, participants had to go through the same motion but now with instrumental music playing on the background.

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According to the results, those who drove while listening to music had a better result in their heart rate variability (HRV) compared to those who drove without music.

“Listening to music could be a preventive measure in favor of cardiovascular health in situations of intense stress, such as driving during rush hour,” Valenti concluded.

And we totally agree with that!