What causes white hair and how to manage them

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  • White hair is not just merely caused by aging
  • According to experts, there are other factors that causes white hair to grow such as genetics, stress, lack of nutrients, and autoimmune problems
  • They also shared several practices on how to manage white hair and to probably delay them from growing

Getting white hair when you’re only in your 20’s? Not a welcome change, right?

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At first, you may think that white hair only grows on elderly people. But then, there are other factors that causes one’s hair color to turn white. These factors include genetics, stress, lack of nutrients, and even autoimmune problems.


Maria Rica S. Mallari, M.D., head of the Hair Unit of the Dermatology Center at St. Luke’s Medical Center, said there is a high chance that a person could develop white hair as early as childhood if his or her parents are prone to premature graying. Since this is genetics, there is nothing much a person can do to stop it. Still, they can choose to dye their hair to manage their white hair.


According to Mallari, stress causes aging of the hair follicle, decreases in its pigment formation, and may even result to hair loss. But once a person overcomes the stressful event in his life, he will notice some difference in his body including the number of his white hair.

“Once the stressful event is over and nutrients are taken in, the body slowly recovers, and the hair follicle start to produce pigment again,” Mallari said.

Lack of nutrients

Mae Ramirez-Quizon, MD, FPDS, a dermatologist at the St. Luke’s Medical City in BGC specializing in hair and nail dis0rders, said vitamin deficiency can also be a cause for white hair to grow earlier than expected. She observed that deficiencies in Vitamin B12, opper, iron, calcium, and zinc contribute to this scenario.

Although there are supplements that can help fight these deficiencies, it is still not clear whether they can also reverse premature graying.

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Experts believed that eating health foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle could prevent white hair from developing early. This scenario is part of human’s natural aging process, anyway. If there is nothing you can do about your gray hair, then the best way to do next is to accept it…with grace!