Korean treat: Benefits of Kimchi

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  • More than its popularity, kimchi has several health benefits
  • It is considered as a vegetable probiotic food
  • It can help in digestion, weight loss, among others

Kimchi is probably the most popular Korean dish we know. First mention of the dish, we already know it’s Korea’s pride.

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It is a traditional Korean food made from fermented vegetables such as cabbage, onion, radish, and carrots and various spices. In case you haven’t tried it, it’s a combination of a spicy and a sour dish. It is typically used as a side dish, a condiment but it can be eaten by itself.

Kimchi, according to reports, is not just a famous dish but also a nutritious food that provides various benefits to its consumers.

“Accordingly, kimchi can be considered a vegetable probiotic food that contributes health benefits in a similar manner as yogurt as a dairy probiotic food,” a study stated.

“Health functionality of kimchi, based upon our research and that of other, includes anticancer, antiobesity, anticonstipation, colorectal health promotion, probiotic properties, cholesterol reduction, fibrolytic effect, antioxidative and antiaging properties, brain health promotion, immune promotion, and skin health promotion,” the study added.

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Here are some of Kimchi’s benefits:

Good for digestion and lowers cholesterol

Because kimchi is fermented, it contains “healthy bacteria” called lactobacilli that helps in digestion, a report said. It was also stated that the garlic found in kimchi can help decrease the cholesterol reserves of the body.

It helps maintain clear eyesight, radiant skin, and shiny hair

Kimchi is rich in Vitamin A and selenium found in garlic. Vitamin A is known to help develop a healthy body and clear vision while selenium keeps the skin radiant and hair healthy. Who wouldn’t want to have healthy skin?

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It contains antioxidants

It was bared that kimchi is rich in anti-oxidants that decreases the rate of aging of the skin. “It also inhibits cell oxidation, making you look carefree and relaxed,” a report said.

It aids in weight loss

It was reported that kimchi helps carbohydrate metabolism that aids in weight loss. “Additionally, the capsaicin found in chili peppers in this Korean dish boosts your metabolism and makes you use the excess energy in your body, thereby increasing weight loss,” the report added.

Now we can eat kimchi with more gusto after knowing it’s not just delicious but a health booster, too!