Study says sleeping more on weekends does not compensate your insufficient weekday sleep

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  • A new study found out that weekend recovery sleep does not erase the negative effects of weekday bad sleeping habits
  • This practice can disrupt one’s body clock and could lead individuals to obtain a habit of snacking
  • The best way to prevent the drawbacks of sleep deprivation is still by getting enough rest at night

If you think that it’s okay to skip some hours of sleep on weekdays since you can spend extra time during the weekends, then think again.

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A new study which was published in Current Biology argues that catching up on sleep during the weekends does not erase the negative effects of weekday sleep loss. These findings are opposite from the results of the research featured in the Journal of Sleep Research last 2018.

The present study discovered that people who tried to compensate for their ‘sleep debt’ on weekends still experience irregular circadian rhythm or disruption in their body clocks, as well as other health problems caused by sleep deprivation.

These individuals obtained a habit of snacking after dinner; making them gain more weight than those who are following the appropriate sleep regimen.

“The key take-home message from this study is that ad libitum weekend recovery or catch-up sleep does not appear to be an effective countermeasure strategy to reverse sleep-loss-induced disruptions of metabolism,” said author of the study, Kenneth Wright from the University of Colorado Boulder.

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The researchers have still much more to explore when it comes to sleep catch-up strategies though and how they could reverse the damage of sleep loss.

However, the best way for now to prevent future health problems caused by lack of sleep is to get enough sleep every night. It may not be easy for some, but we just got to try and catch up as much as we can!