Sufficient Sleep: Your Way to a More Beautiful You, Inside and Out

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  • The lessons of the past regarding sleep still ring true up to the present
  • Getting enough sleep has its perks
  • Sleep continues to bestow its five magic stars to whoever follows the golden rule of good sleep

Remember those lessons about sufficient sleep hours  in Science and Health?  When our teachers would tell us that we need at least eight hours of sleep in order to remain healthy?  In order to grow tall,  look our best, be physically and mentally alert and active kids?  How about in Scouting?  When we were reminded again and again to adhere to discipline and good habits?

They seem a long time ago, right?  And the lessons seem very elementary; now that we think about it.  We have jumped from one grade to another; leveled up, so to speak.  But, did we take those lessons to heart?  Or simply listed them down as essentials to passing exams?

Hopefully not.

Biological clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Overview of biological circadian clock in humans.

Biological clock affects the daily rhythm of many physiological processes. This diagram depicts the circadian patterns typical of someone who rises early in morning, eats lunch around noon, and sleeps at night (10 p.m.). Although circadian rhythms tend to be synchronized with cycles of light and dark, other factors – such as ambient temperature, meal times, napping schedule and duration, stress and exercise – can influence the timing as well.

If we are to think back, the lessons of the past regarding sleep still ring true up to the present ; and surely, will still apply to the future.  Sleep has not changed its gifts to mankind.  It continues to bestow its five magic stars to whoever follows the golden rule of good sleep, i.e., at least 7-8 hours of peaceful and unperturbed sleep.  So, whatever the changes are in society, whatever  diversions technology has to offer, it would do well to heed the lessons we learned since kindergarten.

Star No. 1 –  Healthier Life

A good and sound sleep helps us fight illness.  We are like batteries that need to be recharged to its fullness in order for our body system to function normally and reach its peak potential.  Lack of sleep bring about higher levels of stress hormones and an increase in inflammation; thereby decreasing immune function.  Lack of sufficient sleep also heightens the risk of heart attacks and high bl0od pressure to an alarming scale.  So a good and full sleep is really essential to have a longer and healthier life.

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Star No. 2 – Growth Hormones

Even as children, we were repeatedly advised to sleep early and sleep well in order to grow tall and beautiful.  This is because our bodies need growth hormones to develop and function properly so that our body’s metabolism will continue its normal course of keeping our bones and skin developing wonderfully.  High levels of growth hormones are meant to rejuvenate our body so that we can wake up refreshed and ready for peak  performance.  Looking good has a lot of impact on our self -confidence and eventually leads to feeling good, right?

Star No. 3 – Happy Disposition

Going to bed with a peaceful heart is the best way to start your slumber.  A good sleep lightens the mood and prepares us for another tomorrow.  Lack of it will leave us feeling stressed and possibly cause ins0mnia, too. Keeping regular sleeping hours keep the body synchronized with its systems; thus, providing us with a great mood to face another day.  Overall feeling of wellness is what makes people cheerful  and have a positive disposition.

Star No. 4 – Sharper Mind

Well-rested bodies and minds function to its maximum;  such that concentration, memory and cognitive abilities are at their sharpest.  Decision-making is more sound and reliable.  Having no sleep or little sleep can cause long term consequences not only for the body, but the mind as well because sleep deprivation can cause cognitive deficits like poor or faulty concentration and forgetfulness. You wouldn’t want your mind to ‘float’, right?

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Star No. 5 – Fit and Trim Physique

Active bodies can only come from people who has fully recharged their batteries and remained fit and well-trimmed physically.  It is worth noting those recent studies which linked inadequate sleep with people who are more likely to become obese. This is due to lowering levels of leptin and increasing ghrelin hormones which causes us to feel hungry and have high cravings for high sugar foods; hence, increase in weight drastically happens. Do remember that regular length of sleep promotes a more balanced appetite.

* * *

So if you are an avid follower of discipline and practice great sleep habits regularly, you are truly deserving of all the stars mentioned above. You are indeed ready to glitter, ready to shine, day in and day out!