Dr. Liza Ong explains what causes dark underarms

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  • Dark underarms may affect a person’s confidence
  • A doctor explained the causes of this condition
  • She also gave some tips which people can try to get rid of dark underarms

Having dark underarms may affect a person’s confidence. It may even cause someone suffering from this to worry about wearing sleeveless clothes.

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The wife of Dr. Willie Ong, a well-loved doctor from the Philippines explained the reasons why you may be experiencing this.

First, Dr. Liza Ong said that this may be caused by frequent shaving. “[Shaving will make underarm hair] thicker and it may irritate the skin and make it darker,” Ong said. “Waxing or lasers are better options, but they are more expensive. You can use a shaving cream or a mild soap when shaving to avoid irritation.”

She added that dark underarms may also be caused by wearing clothes with tight sleeves that rubs into the skin. Aside from this, deodorants may also contribute to this problem because some contain strong chemicals.

Ong suggested exfoliation by using one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of olive oil because this condition may also be caused by dry skin cells. She added that this may also be brought about by cornyebacterium minutissimum which causes sweating and body odor.

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The doctor said that dark underarms can also be explained by certain conditions.

One is hyperpigmentation. She said that the more melanin pigment, the darker one can be. Another is Acanthosis Nigrican, a condition associated with 0besity, diabetes, and people with abn0rmal hormones. Change in hormones during pregnancy and Polycystic 0vary Syndrome (PCOS) may also cause this.

Aside from these, Ong said sm0king may also cause dark underarms. “Dermatologists from the Philippine Dermatological Society offer tretinoin, peels, or dermabrasion. You can also try using kojic soaps or [mild] deodorants,” Ong suggested.

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