Why warm-ups and cool downs are important

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  • Warm up and cool down exercises are just as important as the actual workout
  • This was reminded by doctors in order to prevent unfortunate incidents from happening
  • Five-minute warm up and cool down exercises should start and end the workout routine

To those who are planning to hit the gym to burn the holiday calories, doctors have a piece of advice. When you go to the gym, it is important that you finish not only the day’s workout, but the warm up and cool down routines as well in order to prevent unfortunate incidents such as injuries from happening.

GMA News shared that Orthopedic Dr. Philip Hermida explained that warming up is vital because it helps to gradually increase bl00d pressure. Meanwhile, cardiologist Dr. Lucky Cuenza said that warm ups can help determine if you have heart problems. Warming up, he said, will make you see if “your engine is running smoothly.”

“Warm ups are important because it allows you to gauge your engine, your heart, if it is functioning properly,” Hermida said; adding that experiencing palpitations and chest pains while doing warm up exercises will help you see if you are fit for the exercise.

What follows warm up is stretching, which Hermida said “make tendons and ligament stretch out so when you do movements, they won’t be forced.”

Doing a cool down routine to end the day’s workout is also vital, Hermida said, because “If you suddenly stop, all the bl00d is pooled in your thighs, your lungs. That’s why you see people faint in marathon. The key is gradual deceleration of the activity. [Cooling down] helps you achieve a normal level or base level of your heart rate and blo0d pressure so as you don’t faint after doing [your workout],” Hermida said.

Hermida advises doing five minutes warm up routines like jogging and jumping jacks and another five minutes of cooling down by doing light walks or breathing exercises.

So, do take note. The next time you go to the gym, do not forget to do your warm up and cool down routines.

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