Should you use shampoo every day? Here are what experts have to say

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  • There is a belief that one should not use shampoo daily because it will strip off the hair’s natural oils
  • While it is true, experts explained that those who live in a tropical country like the Philippines have to shampoo every day
  • They also explained that there are no clear-cut rules when it comes to using shampoo because one’s needs may differ from the others

Do you use shampoo every day or do you follow the popular belief and use it every other day so the hair’s natural oils won’t be removed?

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Experts said there are no clear-cut rules when it comes to using shampoo and that the frequency of its use depends on a number of factors.

A report from GMA News said that since the Philippines is a tropical country, there is a need to use shampoo every day. “In a tropical country like ours, the humidity and sweat make our scalp oilier. The sweat can smell bad because of bacteria that produce smell,” Dr. Theresa Tan Pascual, Medical City’s dermatologist said.

Age is also a factor because oil production goes down as we age.”Shampooing our hair with mild shampoo and conditioner every other day should suffice, unless you perspire a lot, have oily hair, or are using anti-dandruff shampoo,” Pascual said; adding that it would be better to use shampoo on the scalp and conditioner on the strands.

On the other hand, Lourd Ramos who takes care of celebrities’ hair believes that Filipinos should use shampoo on a daily basis before going to work and before going to bed because they perspire every day.

“Meaning, free radicals are out there and our hair and scalp catch those. Bacteria can build up in our hair and scalp, and if we don’t shampoo, it can create more c0mplications, like an oily or dandruff-irritated scalp,” Ramos explained.

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When looking for a good shampoo, Ramos suggested trying out those with natural ingredients. He said that it may be expensive but it is very healthy for the hair.

Dr. Pascual suggested looking for Panethenol, Biotin, and aloe vera in the shampoo’s ingredients. “Panethenol is a substance commonly found in skin care that turns into a vitamin when you use it, while Biotin is better known as Vitamin H, which helps your hair stay healthy, too,” she said.

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