What your pimples may be saying about your health

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  • Pimples are often caused by clogged pores and hormonal imbalance
  • Aside from these, the areas where your acne grew may be saying something about your health
  • Reader’s Digest, with the help of certified gastroenter0logist Dr. Roshini Raj, listed them down

Acnes can be irritating. They show up just when you are about to attend a big event or meet someone important. WebMD explained that hormonal imbalance, bacteria on the skin, and fatty acids within oil glands cause acne. But did you know that the site of your acne also says something about your health? Reader’s Digest, with the help of certified gastroenter0logist Dr. Roshini Raj, listed them down

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  • Cheeks

Pimples that show up in the upper part of the cheeks are connected to the respirat0ry system. “Making sure that the air at home is clean can help. Get an air purifier or a few air-purifying plants,” Raj said. When you have acne on the lower part of your cheek, this might mean you have po0r dental hygiene but contact with bacteria is also a factor so Raj advised making sure anything that comes near your face, such as make up brushes, blanket, and pillow cases, are clean.

  • Chin

If acne starts popping up on your chin, you might want to start observing a regular sleep schedule and eating healthy meals. But if this persists, Dr. Raj suggested seeing a dermatologist or gynecologist.

  • Forehead

Breakouts on the forehead may be due to digestive issues and stress. In order to reduce them, Dr. Raj recommended drinking plenty of water and ditching caffeinated and processed drinks. “Sleeping at least seven hours a night, drinking plenty of water, and eating a balanced meal can help reduce pimples on your forehead,” Raj said.

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  • T-Zone

Raj said there are more oil glands in the T-Zone compared to the other areas in the body, which is why you are more likely to have a breakout in the area. “Make sure to cleanse and use skin care which works to unclog pores,” Raj said. Acne on the nose is also linked to liver and kidney.

  • Back, arms, and thighs

Acne in these areas are often caused by hormonal fluctuations and genetics but Dr. Raj also suggested reducing pressure from carrying stuff that causes friction that lead to acne. “Wear clothes that are clean and not too tight,” Raj said.