What causes hiccups and how can you stop them?

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  • Experiencing hiccups can disrupt even simple activities
  • There are different tricks known to be able to stop hiccups
  • HealthLine gave techniques on how you can ease them

Hiccups can be ann0ying because it can disturb even the simplest activities you are doing. Well, have you tried the different tricks that people believe can make hiccups stop? Some say that being startled, drinking water, or holding your breath can help ease it.

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But what really causes hiccups?

HealthLine explained that these happen when the diaphragm experience involuntary spasms. “When it spasms, you inhale suddenly and your vocal cords snap shut, which causes distinctive sound,” the website explained.

Hiccups, they said, can be caused by eating too much or too quickly, carbonated drinks, spicy foods, being stressed or emotionally excited, drinking alc0hol, or getting exposed to changes in temperature.

They also gave some tips on how to stop hiccups.

  1. Control your breathing

You can try to breathe in for five seconds and then breathe out for another five. Your respiratory system can be disrupted by trying this slow and controlled breathing technique. Holding your breath for 10 to 20 seconds, and then breathing slowly can also be an effective cure.

  1. Apply pressure

You can also try applying pressure to some parts of your body in order to relax your diaphragm. You can pull your tongue forward to stimulate the nerves on muscles in your throat. Your palm is another area that you can apply pressure to. It was also also suggested that massaging your carotid artery, which can be found on the neck, for five to 10 seconds could also work on your hiccups.

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  1. Drink or gargle ice water

Drinking cold water can help stimulate your vagus nerve, according to HealthLine. You can also try gargling ice water.

  1. Hug your knees

While sitting, bring your knees to your chest. Keep this position for two minutes and this may help ease your hiccups.

  1. Eat some sugar

Get a pinch of granulated sugar and put it on your tongue for 5 to 10 seconds before swallowing it. This can also stimulate your vagus nerve “and make the body forget about the hiccups,” according to Mental Floss.

Which works for you best? Share it with us!