Problem solved! How to use face mask without fogging up your glasses

Image via Tokyo Metropolitan Police
  • A Twitter user shared his struggle as an eyeglasses user wearing mask
  • Many were able to relate to his experience wherein glasses fogs up when wearing masks
  • Fortunately, the Tokyo Metropolitan P0lice Department shared some tricks on how to solve this

While experts do not recommend wearing masks unless you are a health worker or a high-risk individual, some people won’t just take their chances in the middle of the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak (nCoV).

Image via Twitter | Jin Lim

On Twitter, Jin Lim shared the biggest struggle he faces these days and said that “only people with glasses will feel me.” It shows a photo of him wearing a surgical mask with his eyeglasses all fogging up.

Many were able to relate to this situation. His post has been retweeted for almost 20k times and has been liked by over 17k people. Twitter users agreed with him and shared their own struggles.

“Yes! And I cannot stress this enough. I hate this about glasses but I cannot see [anything] without them. You are so right!,” one commented.

“This is the reason why I wear contact lenses,” Sean shared.

Meanwhile, one said that she also experienced it and what she did was adjust the mask until it stops fogging. “I know but just keep adjusting the mask and it will stop happening. Just find the right bend for the strip on top,” Marielle V. said.

Image via Tokyo Metropolitan Police

The Tokyo Metropolitan P0lice Department also shared a solution to this problem. According to them, you have two choices to solve this — first, you can fold the top of the mask before wearing it or you can try putting a tissue at the top of the mask over the bridge of your nose. “It can be used during fever season or during a cold, so please try it once,” the post said.

American journalist Jake Adelstein shared this trick on Twitter. “The most important news you will read in Asia today. How to wear a surgical mask without fogging up your glasses,” he said.

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