Why having too much positivity isn’t always a good thing

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  • Having too much positive thoughts isn’t always good for a person, experts say
  • Experts believe that people also need to acknowledge their negative emotions as they are essential part of human experience
  • Having insincere positive emotions or getting used to “t0xic positivity” may lead to misunderstanding, especially when you are dealing with someone who had just gone through a series of unfortunate events

Just because you are feeling bad about an unfortunate event that happened to you doesn’t mean you are already a negative thinker.

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Experts believe that having too much of positive vibes isn’t always the solution and the proper way of dealing with your problems.

According to Dr. Jerome Go, a psychiatrist from Chinese General Hospital, too much positivity also known as “t0xic positivity” may lead to ineffective use of positive emotions; leaving out negative thoughts that are considered normal for someone who has gone through a bad experience.

The website called The Psychology Group also gave further explanation on the dark side of having too much positive vibes.

According to them, t0xic positivity refers to “the excessive and ineffective over generalization of a happy, optimistic state across all situations.”

It may lead to misunderstanding of someone’s situation, delusion, and even a strong state of in-denial.

A person who is experiencing this may get used to hiding or suppressing their true emotions and feeling bad about how you really feel. Sometimes, they also think that other people’s problem or negative experience can be resolved by just “thinking positively.”

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Imagine if you are that someone who has gone through a series of unfortunate events. Would you feel happy if a friend of yours approaches you and try to uplift your emotions by saying, “That’s okay. Look at the brighter side”? Definitely not, right?

Instead of showing such unhealthy positivity that can hurt others, learn to acknowledge your true emotions — including the negative ones. These are all part of human experience that can help us grow, mature, and also become more sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions.

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