Why mindfulness is important in the midst of COVID-19

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  • Aside from observing proper hygiene, experts said mindfulness and meditation are valuable allies at the time of COVID-19
  • While mindfulness is not an assurance that you won’t get the virus, it will make you more capable of thinking clearly for yourself
  • In turn, it will help you make smarter decision, start healthier habits, and take good care of your loved ones

Hearing the news about the increasing cases of COVID-19 in your country can make you worry about you and your loved ones.

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However, panicking can do more harm than good. You will think clearer and better when you stay calm. This is why ‘Ten Percent Happier’ editor Dr. Jay Michaelson said that meditation and mindfulness can help you big time in the battle against the pandemic COVID-19.

“Meditation and mindfulness can be valuable allies in times like this. Of course, they don’t keep you free from disease. But they can help you be free-er from panic, more able to protect yourself, and more in touch with your own inner wisdom and resilience,” Dr. Michaelson said.

Good Morning America shared Dr. Michaelson and clinical psychologist and Harvard professor Dr. Luana Marques’ insights on how mindfulness can help at this time.

Anxiety is understandable at this time, but Dr. Marques said there is a “tilting point” wherein too much anxiety can make people stuck because they will lose the ability to think critically. She added that it is important to recognize “what is and where are you adding anxieties.”

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Dr. Marques recommended exercising in order to combat this. “I mean a brisk walk. It is something that any of us can do. Be creative. Do jumping jacks at home. Exercise brings down anxiety and does it fast,” Dr. Marques said.

Dr. Michaelson, on the other hand, suggested making the most of the 20-second hand washing by turning it into an opportunity to meditate. He also reminded everyone of the importance of having a good night’s sleep.

“If you can’t sleep, get out of bed, because sitting there and worrying guarantees you won’t sleep,” Dr. Marques said.

In the end, Dr. Michaelson concluded that mindfulness helps you make smarter decisions, start healthier habits, and take care of your loved ones.

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