‘This isn’t time to go out and have play dates,’ says mom with COVID positive 7-month-old baby

Image via Facebook | Courtney Doster
  • A mother is calling on all parents to take COVID-19 seriously
  • Her seven-month-old son contracted it, and fortunately, is now in the process of recovery
  • She reminded everyone to stay at home in order to contain the virus

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that children have lower risk of contracting COVID-19, parents are warned that they should not discount the possibility that their kids might still develop it.

Image via Facebook | Courtney Doster

In fact, a seven-month-old baby in South Carolina tested positive for COVID-19 and his mother wants to send a message to all her fellow parents.

Courtney Doster said her son Emmett was tested for the virus after experiencing high grade fevers. In an interview with Good Morning America, Courtney said her son first showed signs when “he woke up from his nap and he was warm.”

“I checked his temperature and it was a low grade fever to begin with, and pretty quickly, it started climbing to 103°F. We got on the phone with his pediatrician and…we finally got the call to go get tested for urgent care,” Courtney said; adding that Emmett’s grandmother is COVID positive.

Image via Facebook | Courtney Doster

After running tests, including that of COVID-19, to the baby, they found out that he has pneumonia. Meanwhile, the confirmation that he is positive for the virus came after 24 hours. The baby is now recovering at home.

Under a legal contract with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, the Doster family is also undergoing a 14-day home quarantine.

Courtney is sending a message to other parents not to take COVID-19 lightly and follow health workers’ plea to stay at home so the virus won’t further spread. “COVID-19 is not a joke. This is not time to go out and have play dates, or go to Walmart, or go out to eat. Stay at home people please,” she said.