Pregnant nurse says she chooses wisdom over worry amid COVID-19

Image via Instagram | Gingy Pants
  • A pregnant woman who is working as a nurse is sending a message to her fellow mommies-to-be
  • While pregnancy in general may already cause anxiety, she said that she will still choose wisdom over worry in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • She also called on the people to follow precautionary measures because even when one shows mild symptoms, he or she can infect someone who is at greater risk

While not much is known about COVID-19 yet, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that pregnant women have weaker immune system; making them prone to viral respiratory infections.

Image via Instagram | Gingy Pants

This is why Heather Hodnicki of New Jersey, who is working as a nurse while expecting a baby girl, is taking extra precautions.

“There’s not much that has been proven on pregnant women or if it could pass to your baby. That is scary, along with the high risk of being exposed because you are working in a hospital or medical facility. I think every day that goes by, people are more anxi0us and scared. I try to reassure myself mentally,” Hodnicki told Good Morning America.

While pregnancy in general already causes anxiety for women, COVID-19 also adds up to this. But she said she is “choosing peace over panic; faith over fear; and wisdom over worry.”

On Instagram, she also shared tips to her fellow mommies-to-be.

Image via Instagram | Gingy Pants

“Being a nurse and pregnant at the same time, I feel the need to spread the important facts to everyone that I have the privilege or reaching through social media. Just a few things to remember, along with NOT panicking and remembering to be a good human while we deal with this virus,” Hodnicki said.

Her tips include proper hand washing, avoiding touching the face, social distancing, and disinfecting the cellphone.

“Remember, this may not be a threat to YOU directly, but YOU can be a carrier with little symptoms and infect someone who IS at risk,” she warned.