Holy Flower: Blue Ternate For Health And Beauty

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  • Blue ternate can be made into paste to treat wounds, and people also apply this paste onto their skin to maintain clear complexion
  • Blue ternate can be used as an expectorant that can help alleviate symptoms in people with asthma, cough and cold
  • The cyclotides found in blue ternate can help fight cancer cells

Blue ternate is revered as a holy flower in India. This flower has several properties that can help you look better and live healthier.

Wikimedia Commons

Antioxidant Properties

Its tea form, called blue tea, contains antioxidant properties. These antioxidants help in fighting the aging process. Also, antioxidants have been found to be anti-inflammatory, which helpS in detoxifying the body. Specifically, blue ternate contains the antioxidant proanthocyanidin. Proanthocyanidin helps improve blood flow towards the optic nerves. This also helps maintain a healthier and clearer eyesight.

Skin Treatment

Blue ternate can be made into paste to treat wounds. This paste can also be applied on the skin to maintain clear complexion.

Promotes Hair Growth

Blue ternate also contains high amounts of bioflavonoids. Anthocyanin, a compound in the lue ternate flower, also helps increase the blood flow towards the scalp. This helps improve hair growth and strengthen hair follicles.

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Improves Mood

Blue ternate can help boost one’s mood. It is anxiolytic, which helps stabilize mental and emotional health. Additionally, blue ternate has been observed to be adaptogenic. This herbal trait helps resist all sorts of stressors.

Combats Asthma

Blue ternate is used as an expectorant to fight asthma, cough and cold. The expectorant trait also helps reduce irritation that occurs in the respiratory organs.

Anti-Cancer Plant

The cyclotides found in blue ternate can help fight cancer cells. Cyclotides attack the cell membranes of the cancer cells, potentially disrupting growth of cancer in the body. These cyclotides are also key elements in warding off HIV, according to several studies on the plant.

Blue ternate truly offers a range of health benefits. Planting some blue ternate in your backyard may do wonders to your health.