Things to do during and after a trip to the supermarket in the time of COVID-19

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  • Experts advised that it is necessary to practice additional disinfecting process when going to grocery stores
  • Basic precautionary measures should also be done before bringing the groceries inside the home
  • These basic practice must be added to the usual grocery routine to ensure safety against the disease

By now, we already know that social distancing and strictly staying at home are among the basic preventive measure we must practice to counter COVID-19 but we can’t entirely avoid going out, especially when we’ve got errands to run.

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Going to the grocery stores is probably among the errands we can’t entirely avoid and getting ourselves exposed in a supermarket with potential asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers could not be totally eradicated.

So, we must apply a little change on this routine. Disinfecting the things you brought outside and the stuff you are about to bring inside your home should be added to the basic precautionary measures against the disease at present.

Bring your disinfectant in the grocery

You must bring with you your alcohol, hand sanitizer, or wipes so you can disinfect the cart or basket you will be using. This, of course, goes without saying that social distancing must still be practiced while you’re inside the store. “If an aisle is crowded, skip it and come back to it when there are less people,” Lauren Bryan, an infection preventionist in Colorado, said in a report.

Avoid touching too many items

While some wear gloves to avoid contracting virus from items, others just do not have a stash of gloves they can use. So, avoiding to touch items that you won’t be buying anyway can help. Of course, it is equally important to avoid touching your face.

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Set up a cleaning corner in your home

Upon arriving to your homes, it is advisable to sanitize the grocery items you are about to bring in to your home. With this, it would be necessary to identify a space in your house where you can do the disinfecting process. It is also important to do proper hand washing upon arriving home. The table where the grocery items were put during the disinfection must also be cleaned.

Wash the veggies and eco bags

Experts also advised to wash the vegetables thoroughly, including the bags used during the trip to the supermarket. But it is also important to do away from spraying disinfectant chemicals to the veggies. “Please don’t scrub your pears with Lysol,” Dr. Jaimie Meyer, a Yale Medicine infectious disease doctor, said. “If you do, there’s a higher chance of getting sick from ingesting [chemicals] rather than from COVID-19.”