WHO: Minimize newsfeeds, use social media to promote hopeful stories amid COVID-19 crisis

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  • The World Health Organization advised the public to use social media accounts in promoting positivity
  • It also noted that one must minimize newsfeeds and reduce exposure to the kind of news that makes them feel anxious or distressed
  • Correcting misinformation on social media helps, as well

Amid the COVID-19 crisis in many parts of the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) has advised the public to use social media accounts in promoting positivity.

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“As countries introduce measures to restrict movement as part of efforts to reduce the number of people infected with COVID-19, more and more of us are making huge changes to our daily routines,” the World Health Organization (WHO) said. “The new realities of working from home, temporary unemployment, home-schooling of children, and lack of physical contact with other family members, friends and colleagues take time to get used to.”

“Adapting to lifestyle changes such as these, and managing the fear of contracting the virus and worry about people close to us who are particularly vulnerable, are challenging for all of us. They can be particularly difficult for people with mental health conditions,” it further stated.

With this, the international organization gave a number of advice, including the proper use of social media accounts.

“Use your social media accounts to promote positive and hopeful stories. Correct misinformation wherever you see it,” the WHO said. “Minimize newsfeeds. Try to reduce how much you watch, read or listen to news that makes you feel anxious or distressed. Seek the latest information at specific times of the day, once or twice a day if needed.”

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Morever, it highlighted the importance of social contact to the person who matters while dealing with the pandemic.

“If your movements are restricted, keep in regular contact with people close to you by telephone and online channels,” the organization noted.

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