Dengue Mosquitoes:Small But Terrible

English: Aedes aegypti in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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Our country is always being challenged by small but terrible enemies – the dengue mosquitoes! Whether you are rich or poverty-stricken, you can be a victim of them. Definitely, no one is exempted.

Dengue fever is known as an acute febrile disease caused by a virus which occurs in the tropical countries. It has flu-like manifestations such as sudden onset of fever, nausea, vomiting, body pain, and headache. There’s no specific treatment or vaccine for dengue but only supportive therapies. Thus, close monitoring of vital signs is very important.

In the previous years, dengue has already claimed innumerable lives in the country. And all Filipinos are at risk more especially the susceptible children. Nowadays, many people are still affected by it and the number of cases continues to increase.

Now, who will be blamed for this? Is it the communities that has become too  complacent  and did not expect that an outbreak may occur? Or is it the people who neglected the canals that need to be cleaned; garbage that need to be segregated and thrown properly; and stagnant water that need to be thrown?

I salute the efforts of the Department of Health on the promotion of quality health for all Filipinos. But I guess the government officials including some health care professionals lack the extra efforts in reminding the citizens that a possible outbreak might take place.

Well, enough for the blame. It is ourselves that would be mainly accountable for our health. Keeping our surroundings clean is the best weapon against the mosquitoes. We must dispose our waste materials into the proper containers and discard the stagnant water. We should have a good nutrition to boost our resistance to the disease. Hence, knowledge about the disease and its preventive measures could not only help protect our own health but also our community as a whole.

The government officials and health care professionals play the most significant roles in the campaign against the disease. They are responsible in educating the public and intervening for the dengue clients. The medical students and the nursing students can also help in this country’s struggle. As educated citizens, they can also promote preventive measures and awareness to the community people.

Truly, dengue is a serious threat both to the lives of Filipinos and the future of the country. Every life of a citizen is a valuable resource for the country. The death of the citizens more especially the death of the children caused by the disease would mean less human resources that can impede the country’s growth and development.

Still, prevention is always better than cure. As much as possible, we should take part in preventing the spread of the disease. Because we will never know that by taking our part, we can save lives.

Be vigilant and cooperative! Keep in mind that mosquitoes will always be our terrible enemies. We should help one another in combating them. Let us kill them before they kill us!