Amazingly Ordinary Memory Boosters

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Hey, you don’t need to be older (40 and above ;)) before you decide you need memory boosters.  Even teens can experience failing memory at times.  However, how come there are people who make it to their 80’s, 90’s or even 100 plus; yet still have their mental prowess intact?  How did they make it to that age without undergoing memory loss or mental disorders associated with getting old? Is it the food they eat?  Some medication or special activities?

The Human Brain (Pholo Credit: Wikipedia)

You’ll be amazed at how ordinary their secrets really are:

Sufficient sleep and rest (day time naps included)  –  the great stress reliever; good sleep synchronizes the body systems and relaxes the mind, thus improving our declarative memory.

Brain boosting food  and drinks – Fish like tuna, trout, mackerel, salmon and herring gives essential fat for our brains; olive oil for cooking is great for the memory, too.

Maasdam cheese
Maasdam cheese (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

–  cheese, milk, eggs, and meat aids in the production of neurotransmitters; fruits like avocado and blueberries, vegetables like broccoli and grains like whole grain and oatmeal provide energy (carbohydrates)

–  Simple coffee (in moderation, of course) has anti-oxidants which helps  reduce the risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s and other possible  mental disoders.

–  mixed nuts like almond, peanuts and walnuts promote mental lucidity and sharper memory

Plate with chocolate
Plate with chocolate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

–  chocolates like dark and milk  chocolate are antioxidant-rich sweets which augment concentration as well as focus; and  improves memory and reaction skills

*    Chewing Gum  –     increases heart rate which makes blood flow towards the brain.  Studies showed that  hardened arteries reduces blood flow to the brain; likewise, the supply of oxygen, which in turn affects the memory.

*   Exercise  –  conditions the mind and not just the body.  Inhaling more oxygen into the body system likewise benefits the brain.

* Use it or Lose it Brain Theory – studies has shown that mental exercise truly gives real and positive effects, such that if you don’t exercise your brain it can shrink because certain brain cells malfunction when it is not used regularly. Brain exercise may include mind-boggling games, repetition exercises, puzzles, and even simple reading which is like memory jogging.

Happy Disposition – people who laugh and lead stimulating lives have more efficient brain functioning than those who prefer to lead passive lives.

Browsing will reveal certain medications that are said to help improve memory; but usually, there are side effects which we may not be able to handle.  If we have natural resources available to us, it would be better to stick to them. Memory loss linked with aging should not be a dreaded condition; but more over, it should be a reminder that we can enjoy every birth celebration and still find ourselves  looking forward to a sharper  mind in the coming years … IF we will heed the memory enhancer tips!

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