How long should you take a nap?

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  • The National Sleep Foundation bared that the ideal nap time is only 20-minute long
  • A person would feel more awake and alert after a 20-minute nap
  • It was, however, reported that nap duration can still vary from person to person

Taking a nap has been proven by studies as among the most natural ways to regain alertness, especially when you’re in the middle of doing a task that has been wearing you down.

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A single nap can magically transform you into being more alert, refreshed, and productive. But how long should you take a nap? Should there be a time limit?

According to a report, a 20-minute nap can make a person wake up feeling refreshed. However, it was quick to point out that the “ideal nap duration can vary from person to person, but most professionals agree that shorter naps are better if a person’s goal is to wake up feeling refreshed and alert.”

This kind of nap is popularly known as “power nap” which aims to make a person feel awake as he carries on with his task within the day.

“Most people feel refreshed after a nap that lasts approximately 20 minutes. Longer naps can leave you feeling groggy, because they require waking up from a deeper sleep. It’s also important not to nap late in the day because this can make it hard to fall asleep at night. Even a short nap in the early evening can interfere with bedtime,” the National Sleep Foundation said.

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A study on the effect of different nap opportunity durations, however, showed that 25 to 35 and even 45 minutes of nap had significantly reduced signs of fatigue in physically active men. The study added that the longer nap time improved their attention and physical performance.

It was emphasized that naps must be timed well due to the sleep cycle where the human brain moves through different stages of sleep. During a nap, a person only experiences the first and the second stages of sleep that make him feel more refreshed when he wakes up.

While a 20-minute nap is ideal for adults, longer naps are ideal for infants. Toddlers and young children could benefit from taking a nap in the afternoon. Teens, on the other hand, can ideally take a 30- to 60-minute nap.

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