Tips for better sleep amid COVID-19

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  • Getting enough sleep strengthens the body’s immune system
  • However, stress and anxiety are keeping some from getting quality sleep
  • Healthline listed down some tips on how you can sleep better during the enhanced community quarantine

Have you been finding it hard to get quality sleep since the COVID-19 pandemic started?

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Experts believe stress and anxiety brought by the virus may be contributing to this.

“We know that sleep is directly related to immunity in terms of the physiological response in our body: If we’re not sleeping we can reduce our immune system…which we know can then lead to being more vulnerable to various viruses or whatever might be in our environment,” Healthline quoted neuropsychologist Dr. Brittany LeMonda as saying.

Here are some tips on how you can sleep better at night:

  • Keep a routine

Psychologist Navya Singh suggested that those who are working from home follow the same schedule they had when they were working in the office in order to get a sense of normalcy. “If you are working from home, get up at the same time and get dressed… have that same sense of routine and normalcy, which will help you feel less disrupted,” she said.

Regular exercise will also help you sleep better.

  • Avoid too much napping

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The temptation to take naps may be really hard to resist when you are home all day but Healthline said this will just make you sleepier in the morning which will alter your sleep routine.

  • Manage blue light exposure

Instead of watching the TV or scrolling through your Facebook feed before you sleep, LeMonda said it will be better to read a book or listen to music because the screen will not help when you are trying to go to sleep.

It will also be better if the consumption of news about COVID-19 will be regulated in order to prevent anxiety.


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