Four Big Reasons Not To Stay Obese

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  • Obesity is a complex disease which means there’s an excessive amount of fat in one’s body
  • No one dreams of being obese but many fail to keep their weight at a healthier level
  • There are at least four good reasons which should convince us to avoid being obese or not stay obese forever

You’re overweight? It’s  all right if you think you’re ok with it. But what if you’re obese? You might want to consider some reasons why it would be better not to be too overweight.

Obesity is a scary word to most people; but comic to some others. Numerous jokes and movies about obesity have become popular.  But looking at the mirror, you might want to ask yourself, “am I becoming a big joke?”  You must have grown a size bigger every few months or so, and you know it!

When you can’t manage your weight, perhaps you need to post reminders everywhere you look to make you determined to finally lose those extra pounds.

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Here are at least four  big reasons to help you stick to your resolution:

1) Health hazards – Being overweight makes you prone to:  joint problems, back pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol levels, stroke, heart  disease, the big C, asthma, gallstones, infertility and sleep apnea.  You’re like a walking time bomb who could explode anytime!

2) Shopping problems – Admit it or not, there are not many shops which cater to big-sized customers.  Sales persons are often vexed attending to obese customers who fancy certain styles and find none that fit.  Even tailors feel less eager sewing for obese people because of the many adjustments they have to make, filling all the humps and bumps in their measurements.

3)  Less active life –  Being heavy can be a big obstacle to having an active life.  You can’t hike or mountain climb with friends or family; you can’t join tours that require a lot of foot travel.  You cannot play tennis or badminton with your family; much less play outdoor games with your children.  If you’re single, even partying can  become a big no-no; because you are prone to getting tired easily, sweat a lot, or become a wall flower because  dancing tires you easily.

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4)  More expensive – Believe it or not, staying obese is more expensive.  You buy a lot of food and groceries; find yourself in need of a bigger size wardrobe; and you have to make sure your furniture are built for heavy people.  Being more prone to illness, you may find yourself  more frequently in need of medical help and maintenance medicine; and worse, find yourself in the hospital!

Losing weight is never an easy task, but it’s possible!

It is common knowledge that when you look good, you usually feel good. And when you look heavy, well,  you really are! If you weigh too much over the ideal weight for your age and height, warning bells have to ring persistently.  If you are twice your ideal weight, that’s a cause for alarm.  Weighing more than three times makes you a sure candidate for the race towards six feet under ground!

Losing weight is never an easy task ; more so, if you are intent on losing more or less one-third of your excess weight.  Appropriate diet and proper exercise on a consistent basis could do great wonders for you, but only if you are determined to fight a winning battle.  Likewise, there is no sense in fast weight loss if you are going to regain it just as fast after a few months.  Be sure to practice the valuable task of weight management when you have acquired your ideal weight.

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Point to ponder:  If you won’t manage your own weight, nobody else will. 

Keep fit, keep healthy. Enjoy life more.