What matters most: There is more to family meals than just the healthy dishes

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  • There is more to these family meals than just eating together
  • Sharing a meal with the family is not just about the healthy dishes but also building a healthy relationship
  • Family meals are also a good opportunity to pass family values from one generation to another

If there’s one good thing that the pandemic has caused, it’s probably the chance to be with our family more frequently as work and classes are moved to a home setup.

With this, we were able to spend our spare time with our folks.

The simplest things in life like having a meal with our family, which used to be a rare one because some of us had to be away for work and school, has instantly became more doable.

But what’s with having a meal with the family that it’s something to be maintained and look forward to? Believe it or not, there are valuable benefits that one can get from family meals.

Image via Pixabay

Gives way to stronger family bond 

Mealtime with the family helps keep the communication open among family members. Children feel that they are given priority, that they are important. Mealtime provides children with time to voice out their feelings and to practically share how their day went. Family meals also give a meaningful chance for the family to enjoy one another’s company while strengthening their bond.

A chance to impart values

Table manners are taught during mealtimes. Saying “please,” and “thank you,” are just some of these that are learned during mealtime. It basically gives parents the opportunity to transmit values and attitude to the younger family members such as the importance of saying “po” and “opo.”

Good eating habits are learned

Eating habits practiced during family mealtime are most likely to learned by the children and are brought up even when they grow up. Children see and appreciate the importance of every meal that they have, they realize that they are lucky enough to be sharing time with their families.

Meals shared with the family are healthier

Home-cooked meals are not just the best but also the healthiest. Family meals have always been associated with healthy dietary intake among family members such as increased in consumption of fruits and vegetables, which are normally not present on meals we eat outside.

Bottomline is sharing a meal with the family gives us a time to relax and talk casually, which is good for our mental health, and gives us an opportunity to eat healthier, which is generally good for our physical health. Indeed, there is more to these family dinners than just eating together.

It can’t be helped that everyone in the family are busy every day, but it only takes a little time management to find regular mealtimes that you can share.

So, while you have the opportunity to do so, savor it. You may get off your gadgets for a while and turn off the television if necessary to avoid disrupting a precious moment.