Are you in love? Then you will probably reap these ‘love’ benefits

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  • Love is not just good for the heart, it is actually good for the health too
  • A person, who is in love, can reap various health benefits including longevity
  • Surprisingly, staying in love can also help you get rid of your unhealthy habits 

Being in love is definitely magical.

And what’s more magical are the surprising health benefits one can get when in love. While falling and staying in love are usually a mix of overwhelming feelings, medical experts say that the health benefits from it is not complicated after all.

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Love makes you smarter

It won’t turn you into a modern-day Einstein but love can greatly improve your memory and how you feel about yourself. Once you feel the profound emotions involved in true love, your body will release hormones that increase the production of new and healthy neurons, which will contribute to an improved brain performance. Sense of connection can also decrease one’s risk of developing mental illnesses.

It can prevent health risks

Of course, it won’t literally protect you from any illness but once you find that special someone who will discourage you to drink excessively or someone who would help you get out of that unhealthy smoking habit,  your risk of developing certain types of cancer will be greatly reduced.

Relieves stress

Depending on how you let yourself involved in it, falling and staying in love can either relieve your stress or cause you an overwhelming amount of anxieties. Once you get at the good side of love, stress relief will establish a homeostasis or sense of balance between your immune, endocrine, or cardiovascular systems.

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It is obviously good for the heart

According to Dr. John Marsden PhD., chartered psychologist and senior lecturer at London’s Institute of Psychiatry, the brain becomes “fired up” when talking to someone it finds attractive and sends impulses to the heart making it pound three times faster than normal. This results in increased blood supply to the body which gives the feeling of butterflies in the stomach. In addition to that, love also increases the production of oxytocin which is also known as the “love hormone”. Lower blood pressure is also seen in people who have a healthy romantic relationship with their partner.

Love makes you live longer

Studies say that consistent social and emotional support from your loved ones would result to “better adherence to medical care.”  This is because  couples usually encourage each other to go to the doctor when they don’t want to, which in return helps you prevent any possible health risks from elevating.