Having doubts about biking? Here are reasons to finally get into it

  • Biking is not just another kind of exercise that maintains your physical health
  • It is also good for your mental health
  • Aside from physical and mental health benefits, there is also one wonderful thing that it offers

Biking has become the primary means of transportation of many since the start of the pandemic which caused the public transportation in the country to be paralyzed.

While initially, it only added burden to most Filipino workers, who had no other means to get to their destinations, in the long run, it started to be the norm. It was no longer just a recreational activity.

It is no longer a secret that biking gives plenty of health benefits both physically and mentally. So, let’s rediscover the benefits biking can offer.

Image via Pixabay

Promotes healthy weight management

Biking helps in lowering body fat levels and it also increase metabolism and build muscle that would allow you to lose more calories.

Improves stamina, posture, coordination

Because biking is a kind of cardiovascular activity, it helps in increasing stamina, strength, and aerobic fitness. It also  strengthens leg muscles and increases flexibility. In addition, biking helps in improving your overall balance, coordination, and posture as these are enhanced while you stabilize your body and keep your bike upright.

It also serves as a core workout

While cycling, you are maintaining your balance which is a good core workout that  will result to strong abdominals. Having a strong core will help you support your spine, increase stability, and improve comfort while biking.

Image via Pixabay

Good for your mental health

Aside from the physical benefits, biking can also boost your mental health as it can help in easing stress, depression, or anxiety. It is a good way to divert your attention from whatever is bothering you by focusing on the ride. Moreover, biking is a form of exercise, therefore it prompts the release of endorphins that would later make you feel better.

It benefits the environment

As you reap the physical and mental health benefits of biking, you are also contributing to the “health” of the Earth because in biking, you are able to reduce carbon footprint that causes damage to the environment.

So, if you are still having doubts in using your bicycle instead of having to worry about your transportation from home to work and vice versa, it’s about time you get on that bike and cycle your way through a healthier lifestyle.