Why having a ‘vent buddy’ is important to your health

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  • Having a vent buddy is so important to one’s well-being
  • It’s that someone you consider a reliable friend whom you can go to whenever you want someone to talk to whom you know won’t judge you

Having a friend who listens to you no matter how overwhelming your rants or situations in life are is undeniably good for you and your health. So, keep that friend.

As a woman, especially when you’re already a mom, it is inevitable that at some point, you go through a series of tough situations which you try to bottle up until you could no longer handle them.

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This is when calling a friend or a “vent buddy” comes in. A vent buddy is someone you consider a reliable friend whom you can go to whenever you want someone to talk to whom you know won’t judge you. That someone is the person who would listen to your woes no matter how serious or petty they are; a friend, a relative or even a sibling. Who comes first in your mind?

According to experts, having a “vent buddy” is good for your mental health. Here are some of the reasons why:

It will help you cope

With a vent buddy you are able to release your bottled up emotions and rants in life. A study in 2009 showed that opening up to someone and disclosing your thoughts and struggles to that trusted someone would help you cope and lower the tensions you feel within. Notice how someone’s mere presence could already calm you? 

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Most of the time when we are emotionally wrecked and physically tired, we feel that we are alone in the battle but having someone to talk to would instantly make us feel that we’re actually not alone.

Someone out there will be willing to help and listen with empathy. There will always be that buddy friend who understands and cares for you…even when you’re at your worse mood.

You will see a new perspective

Talking to a vent buddy would help you see things through a new perspective. Your vent buddy can simply help you realize what you have been doing wrong (if there are) without having to sugar-coat their words.

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You will be able to practice empathy

Remember that you are not just the one experiencing tough things in life; your vent buddy might also be going through something and being able to interact with him/her helps you practice empathy. As each other’s vent buddy, you are able to help each other in staying mentally healthy.

And if you’ve got more than one, that’s good! An extra pair of ears would be just fine.